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KC'S Kitchen​ Est. 2017.

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We proudly bring you our family’s well-loved recipes, which had been crafted with love and passion over the years. Our “Nana” (grandma) taught our Mom to value family ties through great food spread over lunch and supper, the preparation of which created unforgettable kitchen moments at our family’s ancestral house.


For almost three years now, KC’s Kitchen has been serving gourmet signature dishes right at your doorstep. It has been a joy to receive praises and compliments from clienteles who had a taste of our childhood with the food we grew up with.


We are here not just to provide convenience but more so to share our experience of eating delicious, fresh and hearty home-cooked meals anywhere. Busy as we may be, ours is still a generation that values the memory of kitchens and sumptuous household recipes.


Welcome to KC’s Kitchen!

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